Global Banking Cyber Report

Global Banking Cyber Report

As the world becomes digital, new opportunities and threats arise.
This report aims to give an overview of some of the digital threats for one of the most trusted and important industries – the banking industry.

As we keep growing digitally, we tend to focus more on business. This means that when we are trying to develop a new product, website or application among others, we tend to prioritize speed, convenience and ease of implementation instead of security.

This report tackles what we consider three key important and often forgotten aspects of security:

  • The security embedded in mobile applications.
  • The metadata available on public documents.
  • The information we can obtain about the services’ communications and their quality (This is, ports opened in servers, their vulnerabilities, etc.).

The results obtained can give us information such as the mobile app developer and find out if this developer works with other companies (and if he/she may be reusing not optimized code for the banking app, or even find out “hidden” and usually more unsecured services).

These three aspects of security are known as peripheral security compared to the more traditional security such as access controls, servers hardening… We will attempt to shed some light on these issues.

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