APTualizator: the targeted malware patching Windows

APTualizator: the targeted malware patching Windows

By the end of June 2019, we assisted to an incident were a high number of computers had started to reboot abnormally. In parallel, Kaspersky detected a file called swaqp.exe, which apparently was not available on any antivirus aggregator or public platform at that time. We tried to determine if such file may have caused those reboots and if we were actually facing a malware threat.

It caught our attention that in a first quick analysis we noticed that the sample downloaded the KB3033929 legitimate security update for Windows, although from an unofficial server. In other words: it installed the legitimate file (signed by Microsoft) from an unofficial server. It is not a typical malware behavior for two reasons:

  • Malware creators usually develop their artifacts by minimizing additional dependencies (libraries) that might not be included in potential victims’ computers.
  • Malware is rarely interested in updating computers, still less in attempting to update them with any patch. It is not the usual behavior in the context of a potential malware sample.

Following this, we began to investigate. We found an APT that we have called APTualizator.

» Download the full report: “Uncovering APTualizator: the APT that patches Windows”