Amazon data leak

Amazon data leak

New data breach. More than 83.000 affected users. ElevenPaths’ analyst team reveals you first-hand details of this data leakage case of the world largest electronic commerce company – Amazon. Download the research!

On the 8th of July, a suspected leak of Amazon was published. The Twitter account @0x2Taylor published the leak that includes personal information about United States citizens, including full addresses, postal codes, telephone numbers, and email addresses and passwords.

The structure of the data reveals that the information could have been built by the attacker or obtained by a third party service, as stated by different security experts who have had access to the sample. This hypothesis that the data was not obtained from Amazon servers fits with the company’s official version which has denied that its technological infrastructure was affected during a security incident.

Our expert team recommends the implementation of general mitigation measures such as promoting the use of two step authentication systems in personal or corporate systems in order to minimize the impact of these leaks.

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