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We believe that it is people who give meaning to technology and not the other way around. Without people, technology is no longer useful.

We are looking for people with initiative, fresh ideas and enthusiasm for what they do

We are Telefónica Cyber Security Tech, and we like to describe ourselves as a start-up since we have a team full of minds of our own, with an open and agile mentality. We experience and have fun being part of Telefónica, one of the main telcos in the world. In short... we have the best of both worlds.

Our aim is to provide an unbeatable service to our clients, and to do so, we rely on the best technological and strategic partners in the market, as well as on the creation and development of new products thanks to the most advanced and innovative technologies.

"At Telefónica Cyber Security Tech we are lifelong learners. Continuous training, innovation and a start-up mentality are in our DNA".
Kamil Svec. Global People Manager at Telefónica Cyber Security Tech

Flexibility and responsability

We find technology and passion for it important, without forgetting human talent and value. We work as a team to grow as professionals and as individuals; without them companies would not exist. These are built on relationships where trust is basic.

Therefore, Telefónica Cyber Security Tech was born with values that now more than ever are basic, such as flexibility and responsibility of each one. For us, this has always been the natural way to work as a team.

"Working at Telefónica Cyber Security Tech means sharing life experiences with a team of professionals, from different cultures and nationalities, who enrich our global vision, of the business and of our clients".
María Martínez Martín. Head of Threat intelligence Operations

Our secret is continuous training and development

If there is something we are at Telefónica Cyber Security Tech, is lifelong learners. We understand that we are in a changing world, in which one cannot stop developing. For this, we offer continuous training, in our academy with our own courses; helping each other to understand what the person next to us is doing and why, but also with webinars, events, third party certifications, and all the new ways of learning you can think of.

Furthermore, we are an international company, where diversity is intrinsic. We also try to help society as much as possible, which is why we are involved in social actions, both at company and individual level, in which we raise awareness of cyber security.

We want to change the cyber security industry and be the best company to work for.

1.500 dedicated employees

At Telefónica Cyber Security Tech, Telefónicas cyber security company and Telefónica Techs holding company, we believe that a more secure digital world is possible.


Have you heard about our tutoring programme?

If you want to participate in challenges that can used as End-of-Degree Project, End-of-Master Project and even as sources for PhD thesis, this will interest you.


In Telefónica Tech's Cyber Security Team we believe that a more secure digital world is possible. We support our clients with their digital transformation, creating disruptive innovation in cyber security so we provide the necessary privacy and trust in our daily digital lives.

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The goal of Telefónica Cyber Security Tech is to create innovative products that solve current and future security problems that make digital life more secure for everyone. On our YouTube channel you will find more information about our products and services, interviews, events and activities. Join the team!

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We are @Telefónica's Global Cyber Security Company. We deliver disruptive #innovation in #cyber security to build a more secure world.

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